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We have developed a repeatable recipe for success. We call it, Ideal One.

IDEAL STEPS :: Ideal One > It's our Methodology


Step #1 :: Position Assessment

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #1 - Position Assessment

The Initial Search Assessment enables ultimate success. In summary, this is a comprehensive assessment where we work to understand the hiring company, organizational structure, corporate culture, operating processes, team dynamics, team personalities, management style, as well as the requirements and expectations for the ideal candidate.

This Assessment is accomplished through a series of interviews with key individuals involved in the hiring process, including the hiring manager, human resources and others. From the Assessment, we will be able to paint a picture of the target candidate which includes hard skills, soft skills, personality, work style, methods and more. Our approach is comprehensive, efficient, lays the foundation for our targeted search efforts, and enables our focus on quality over quantity.

Step #2 :: Candidate Discovery

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #2 - Candidate Discovery

Once we understand the target candidate via the Position Assessment, we identify candidates who meet the position requirements and assemble a list of potential candidates.

In this effort we employ our vast resources, built from over fifty years in the industry. This is a tremendous differentiator for us, as our network is deep and wide, and includes: industry insiders, a huge proprietary database, social media contacts and targeted job boards.

Step #3 :: Candidate Qualification

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #3 - Candidate Qualification

The separation point between quantity and quality. Our qualification process is extensive. This is where we gather and assess each candidate's background, work experience, soft skills, hard skills, job performance, personality, career aspirations, socialization and overall interest in making a career change. We frequently give candidates homework to determine if they are coachable and know what they are talking about. Keep in mind that our team has hands-on experience in all of the jobs we help fill. So, as we work through the qualification process, we have tremendous insight into the things that translate into a candidate's success.

In today's market there are many candidates actively searching for employment and many apply for any position that looks good. This means it is more important than ever to work with a recruiter who understands your needs and screens candidates accordingly.

Step #4 :: Candidate Submission+

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #4 - Candidate Submission+

We go way beyond sending you candidate resumes.

With Submission+, we provide a dossier for each candidate that is comprised of: a summary of why we think the candidate is qualified for the position, employment history, compensation history, work samples and more. Anyone can submit a resume. Ideal Steps provides you with valuable insights into the candidate so you can use your time well in the evaluation process.

Step #5 :: Manage \ Oversee Interview Process

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #5 - Manage \ Oversee Interview Process

After you have reviewed the Candidate dossiers and are ready to schedule interviews, we are here to help. Coordinating schedules and creating travel schedules can be time consuming and downright irritating. Not to us. This is part of what we do. We will work with the hiring manager, human resources, corporate travel and the candidate to pull everything together and ensure clear communications. There are a plethora of minute details that we understand and take responsibility for in order to ensure a positive experience for all those involved.

Step #6 :: Manage \ Oversee Offer Process

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #6 - Manage \ Oversee Offer Process

The job offer process is often about managing expectations. When you are ready to extend an offer, we strive to increase acceptance by staying involved, and ensuring clear, timely and accurate communications amongst all parties. We work closely with human resources and hiring managers to relay candidates' needs and expectations. Concurrently, we work directly with the candidate to make sure they know what to expect, understand the details of the offer and are in a position to make a timely decision.

Step #7 :: Placement Follow-Up

IDEAL STEPS :: Our Methodology > Step #7 - Placement Follow-Up

Staying connected and ensuring your happiness is important to us. Ninety days after each placement, we are truly interested to understand how your new employee has fit into your organization and is performing. This level of communication allows us to strengthen our relationships and continue to successfully create the Ideal Match.


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