Nothing is more important than hiring the right people – regardless of industry, company size, or anything else.  Your employees make it happen!  We help you implement the IDEAL STEPS necessary to identify and attract the best talent available.  We work with your key stakeholders to understand the ideal candidate profile and design a custom search process that creates results.  We work relentlessly to recruit the best candidates available.

We become an extension of your team!

Strategic Process

While there are many tools available to help you find resumes – a good search process includes a comprehensive strategy to identify active AND passive candidates.  By simply posting a job online – what many call “post and pray” – you are only considering active candidates.  Our process ensures you have as many options as possible to fill critical positions.  We leverage our extensive network to widen the net and attract the best talent available – even candidates who may not be actively looking or know your company is hiring.


Choose your recruiter wisely!  Your recruiting partner is much more than someone who sends you resumes.  Your recruiting partner represents your “BRAND” in the market.  They are not only your eyes and ears – they are your voice!  Make sure you select a recruiting partner who can not only find great candidates, but can also be a positive ambassador for you and your company.  By being a great ambassador, your recruiting partner is also more likely to bring you the best talent!


Your success with an external recruiter will depend on two critical factors:

  • Choosing the right recruiting partner
  • Establishing the right agreement & process up front

There are many reasons companies struggle with recruiting top talent, leaving critical positions open for extended periods of time.  The primary obstacle is failing to establish the right strategy & process up front.  We can help you take the IDEAL STEPS to finding the best talent and it begins with a strategic recruiting process.

Contingency Search

The most basic of our service offerings.  Many companies utilize contingency recruiting because they feel it is basically “risk free.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  By utilizing many contingency recruiting firms, you risk creating chaos.  Chaos is not a good strategy.

While we offer basic contingency recruiting agreements we do so with certain parameters designed to minimize chaos and increase your chances for success.  Once these parameters are in place we provide the level of service included in more strategic agreements (such as retained) under the structure of a contingency search agreement – which means you only pay us if we find the best candidate for you.

Retained Search

For executive level positions and those that are mission critical with the greatest sense of urgency – a Retained Search may be your best option.  We offer customized Retained Search Agreements to help you fill high priority positions with the best talent available.  With a Retained Search, we offer the highest levels of service and stand behind the hiring process with a full, one-year guarantee.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If your organization has limited recruiting capabilities and a large work load or project ahead – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is your best option.  As in any business outsourcing function RPO brings you a team of experts and allows you to focus on the mission critical parts of your business.  This is not only the most strategic option available – it can also save you money!

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