Our Process

The ESSENCE of a successful recruiter is the ability to tie all the pieces together.

Nothing is more important than hiring the right people – regardless of industry, company size, or anything else. Your employees make it happen! So why don’t more companies take the recruiting process seriously? That is where we fit in. We design a custom search and interview process with your key stakeholders. It is a process designed to attract and retain the best talent available.

While there are many tools out there to help you find resumes – a good search process includes a comprehensive strategy to identify active AND passive candidates. By simply posting a job online – what many call “post and pray” – you are only looking at active candidates. We help you ensure you have as many options on the table as possible to fill critical positions. We leverage our extensive network to widen the net to attract the best talent available – even candidates who may not know your company is hiring.

Recruiting is equal parts “art” and “science.” “AI” and other automated tools may help you screen hundreds or even thousands of resumes – but without the “human element” in recruiting your “AI” just isn’t that smart! Our team has the experience, network and process to help you make the best hire! What’s more important than that?

The best experience with a recruiting firm that I have ever had.

Ideal Steps has a knack for uncovering excellence in sales talent very quickly

I learned a lot of valuable advice and would highly recommend anyone to utilize their services

Assistance with interview preparation and due diligence in answering my questions definitely set them apart

Ideal Steps is an asset to any qualified candidate seeking employment

There simply is no one better at delivering great candidates to me when I need them!

High degree of integrity, sense of urgency and candor

We wouldn't have been able to move this quickly without Ideal Steps