Ideal Steps

Healthcare Recruiters

Inspiring organizations and people through Recruiting

IDEAL STEPS :: Assistance with interview preparation and due diligence in answering my questions definitely set them apart.

We help proven healthcare professionals take the next, ideal step in their career.

As recruiters and "career coaches" the essence of our job is artistic. We use our skills, experience and "inner voice" to connect people who we believe will achieve great things together. We follow a unique and personalized path that allows us to help candidates take their careers to the next level.

This process enables us to:
  • Understand career goals, personalities and style.
  • Match company, opportunity and culture with candidates’ unique needs
  • Facilitate the interview process – it is a two-way street
  • Provide constructive "coaching" throughout the interview and evaluation process
  • Manage expectations, communications and entire interview process between candidates and hiring managers
  • Facilitate the offer process ensuring a win-win outcome
  • Follow up after start date to ensure candidates are satisfied with the outcome

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